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I'm honored to host Antonella Natalis and her gorgeous art work. She is an award-winning painter and in 2015 has been selected for the Exhibition / Competition Expoarteitaliana among 450 emerging artists from all over Italy. Visit her stunning website Italianmarinepainter


''... I felt ready for a personal vision of art and tried to transfer it onto canvas with colours, shades and materials, atmospheres, dreams, images, or recovered from some distant memory. Through my paintings I explore techniques but also feelings, from the “classic” bright shades of my palette up to the intensely deep, but never gloomy, night scenes...''       - A.Natalis -

I had the pleasure to design the packaging for her gorgeous 100% silk Foulair available in different shades and sizes  on her 


Foulair is available in different shades and sizes so have a look at the  Christmas Limited Edition 2016 which is available  entire collection

The design of this scarf is originated from a painting full of color and interesting shades and is protected by copyright  Foulair is a creative and “chic” scarf 100% silk scarf, hand-finished, every packaging is personally signed from the artist.


 Why the name Foulair ?

'' I didn’t particularly like the sound of the word ‘foulard’ and so I ‘revisited’ it, trying to evoke the freshness, lightness, the sound of the sea, the memory of the sea breeze, the sea always wrapped around. To feel, as well as to see.
A tactile version of … the sea.''

- A.Natalis -